Make a Reservation

Make a


Reservations for Parties of 8+

(excludes Valentine’s Day & NYE)

We recommend reservations for larger parties. To make a reservation, please call us at 319-200-7070

Private Dining & Events

We have a Private Dining room that seats up to 23 people. Inquiries about reserving this room can be made by contacting us or calling 319-200-7070.

Black Sheep guests are welcome on a walk-in basis.  Reservations are only taken for groups of 8+ guests.


1) Reservations of 8 or more will not be seated until half or more of the party has arrived.

2) Black Sheep will consider any reservation 15 minutes past the scheduled time a no call no show and will be cancelled unless communication is received.

3) Black Sheep reserves the right to remove any unused table from a reservation that has been sitting un-occupied for 20 minutes after the reservation time.

If you have any questions regarding the reservation, menu, or restaurant, please contact Black Sheep Social Club.

We look forward to seeing you!